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Source: Jonathan Turley.

By Gundhramns Hammer
March 28, 2016

The writer Maria Luisa Romano has done a marvelous job in describing the Sicilian underclass, Italy´s popolino. A personal computer and even a pair of eye glasses is considered a luxury by many a Sicilian underclass folks, according to Romano.

She says “it´s Sicily´s secret”.

Read Romano´s full article: Click here.

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A Film by Dirk Pohlmann. Uploaded by FireHorse Network. 


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Weather modification projects in the United States during 1968. Source: NSF Tenth Annual Report on weather modification (1968) via Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation (1978).

By Gundhramns Hammer
March 27, 2016

In the United States, attempts and projects to experiment on precipitation enhancement, alleviation of droughts, mitigation of dangerous storms, lighting suppression, hail suppression  and fog dissipation, i.e., weather modification, have a long history.

The following publication has done a good job at summarising the state of things regarding weather modification and its history in the United States up to 1978:

Weather Modification: Programs, Problems, Policy, and Potential (1978). Prepared at the Request of Hon. Howard W. Cannon, Chairman - Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation United States Senate. U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, DC. 746 pp.

To read it or download it, go here.

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Fuente: Ozono21.

Por Gundhramns Hammer
26 de marzo de 2016

Llegaron de repente y se lo llevaron. En un mundo de humanos tan robotizados y zombizados, casi a nadie le importó saber hacia dónde se lo llevaron o para qué se lo llevaron. 

¿Te gustaría saber hacia dónde y para qué se lo llevaron

Para ello, cliquear AQUI.

Ahora, ya sabes: está en tu plato. 

En un mundo de recursos finitos, saberlo y no cambiarlo equivale a poner el futuro de tus hijos en riesgo de quedarse sin plato. Tu plato es su plato.


Fuente: El Veraz.

Por Gundhramns Hammer 
26 de marzo de 2016

Tres gentes que sólo ellos saben si son agentes de lo que se supone que no son agentes de la gente que dicen que controlan a la gente, se ponen a hablar de la gente que aparentemente no es su gente aunque hay quien dice que es su gente que es utilizada para despistar a la gente. 

Nosotros no somos ni tampoco nos hacemos responsables por lo que dicen estas gentes de la gente que se supone que no es su gente aunque digan que no es su gente o que haya alguien que diga que es su gente o que no es su gente.

 Ahora bien, sólo – el lector - puedes decidir al respecto de lo que dicen estas gentes que bien podrían ser agentes de la gente que controla a la gente para hablar así de esa manera de esa gente que ellos dicen que controla a la gente por medio de otra gente que aparenta no ser su gente pero que es su gente en el mundo de la gente, lleno de agentes de esa gente que sólo piensa en dominar a la gente para así poder vivir del sudor de otra gente. 

Pero de todas maneras, hay que darles el beneficio de la duda a estas gentes porque lo que tienen que decir no es algo que está en la cabeza de mucha gente y su enfoque es totalmente diferente al de otras gentes (Video 1), el cual ayuda para que la gente aprenda a pensar y cuestionar como debe la gente. Sí, a pensar y cuestionar como la gente, si es que gente, pues este mundo ya ha sido invadido por mucha gente que parece ser gente pero no es gente entre la gente que es gente, gente que no es gente y gente que son agentes de la gente que manda sobre la gente. Ecce su opinión de esa gente:

Video 1. Opus Dei, Vaticano y EEUU en golpe electoral en Panama. Uploaded by Alfred Lambremont Webre.


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Source: rails i ferradures

By Gundhramns Hammer
March 24, 2016

What was it like to travel in Spain in 1829? How were its roads like? Was it dangerous to travel in Don Quixote´s domains? Were there any banditti on the roads that could strip you off your belongings? How did Spanish people dress in those days? What did they eat? How did they behave?

These questions and many others you might have about Spain at the beginning of the 19th century are answered in great detail by an American traveller who spent a year in Spain back in 1829.

It is anthropology at its best!

We have enjoyed reading this traveller´s report! We hope you do too!

Here is its link:

A Young American (1829). A Year in Spain. Art. VI. Amer. Quart. Rev., 6 (September & December): 116-144.

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Source: Structured Dream.

By Gundhramns Hammer
March 20, 2016

You may be only half way on your way to the tomb but something damn grave is happening to you before you reach the grave.

What is it about?

Do you keep forgetting your dog´s name? Do you have a hard time remembering your uncle´s name? Has your memory collapsed recently? 

If so, you should check your diet. That is the key.

Here is a documentary (Video 1) about it. Dr. Neal Barnard discusses how saturated fats (from meat, eggs, bacon, milk, cheese, etc.) in your diet eat up your brain:

Dr. Neal Barnard on power foods for the brain. Uploaded by UNE Center for Global Humanities.

Sooner or later, trans-fats or saturated fats transform your thinking organ in your head into a messy mass of mashed brains, making you a walking Alzheimerian bundle of meat, going about like a Dalek from the Doctor Who TV series, way before the bacteria chews up your meat for good in your final resting place: The tomb.

In a nutshell, your Enterprise starship (i.e., your body) can get hit by the Alzheimer´s torpedo.

Everything Dr. Barnard is saying makes sense. He is damn right about everything except for one thing: The so-called "Mediterranean Diet".

So, do not pay attention to what he has to say about the "Mediterranean Diet".


Folks, because there is no such a thing as a "Mediterranean Diet". It is a concept. It is a myth!

One thing is what Mediterranean people eat and another thing is a diet. They are two different things (food vs. habits).

Moreover, there is not one culture but many cultures on both sides of the Mediterranean basin

However, it is true that since ancient times these people have had three things in common: Wheat, olives and grapes. To this "triad" we should add a fourth one: Opium.

But today these Mediterranean cultures have become "liquid"


Because the process of globalisation has fallen upon them. 

This means that, as some Spanish students have said it (Roegner, 2015; page 20)“the globalization of consumption, above all else, we consume the same as the Americans, the same as the French, and also the English … it is more than we want, all with a different name and brand, but still everyone goes to McDonalds … it is mass society but without ideology, just consumerism.” 

So, the "Mediterranean Diet" as such was and is an invention to sell wine and olive oil on a massive scale. It is a commercial trick!

Today, around here, at least on the European side of the Mediterranean basin, no one eats like the Cretan people did back in the 1948s, for example, when the Rockefeller Foundation came to the island invited by the Greek Government to investigate how, when, what and at what time Cretan people ate. 

Furthermore, today, unless you are one of those crazy runners, joggers or anyone hooked on heavy exercise to sweat in an effort to lose some weight or keep in shape to be attractive to squeeze your gonads or maximise your genes, in the Mediterranean basin, no one works hard, toiling  like a slave from sunrise to sundown in the field, or walks for long hours, going to the farming field and coming back home and viceversa, as peasants used to do in Crete back in the 1948s.

Their life was tough.

That is why they tell us that the idea behind the Greek invitation to the Rockefeller Foundation was "to improve the lives of Greek people"


Remember, right after WWII, poor Greece was messed up. It needed badly some serious propping up. And at that time, powerful American foundations such as the Rockefeller´s were eager to stick their nose in. Foundations can be used, have been used and are used, as Trojan horses to do economically-convenient social engineering on people.

Nothing escaped the Rockefellerian research team´s eyes once they got on the Greek island.

Such things such as working, sex, toilet habits, praying, playing, walking, etc. and other habits - everything - were diligently jotted down, recorded, measured and weighed down by the team of nurses that work along the team of physicians and scientists spread all over the island.

All sorts of samples (blood, stool, etc.) were also taken from the Cretans.

Soil, water samples and what have you too.

Mind you that by that time Crete had already been fumigated with DDT (Figs. 1-2), American missions trying to get rid of the malaria mosquito (Anopheles sacharovi).

Figure 1. Airplane spraying DDT in Crete, Greece (1946). Source: Google Images.

Figure 2. A man spraying DDT in Greece (1946). Source: Google Images.

This means Cretans were already eating DDT contaminated foods and drinking DDT laden water. 

But this study (Allbaugh, 1953) would be the oily egg that once brooded would one day hatch and turn itself into the famous "Mediterranean Diet"

Later on this was pounded down by the American biologist Ancel Keys and his wife, Margaret, in 1975. And finally consecrated by the Seven Countries Study.

And it did!

If you are interested in economic history, this is why Allbaugh (1953)´s study is a must to read. We have a copy of it in our personal library (Fig. 3).

Figure 1. Allbaugh (1953)´s book on Crete. Photo: Gundhramns Hammer.

But for the time being, we will leave this at that. We will take this story further on another occasion.

Anyway, let us check this so-called "Mediterranean Diet". To do so, we shall go to Spain.

Dead warp drive in Spain: The danger of the Alzheimer´s torpedo

So, if you are ever in Spain and happen to be in a restaurant, for example, go ahead and do some naked ape (Homo insapiens) watching like zoologist Desmond Morris. 

First, you will see that Spanish diners usually pick on black olive oils. Next you will see them indulging like crazy in eating fried trout, roasted piglet, pork or lamb chops, lamb thighs, chicken breasts or legs, sliced Iberian ham, lobsters, mushrooms swimming  in a lagoon of olive oil or whatever they are devouring at the time. 

But they will not dig the salad on their plate. Normally, the lettuce or tomato will be left untouched. Of course, there are exceptions.

As part of what people now call "the Mediterranean Diet", you will see that in Spain most eating sessions in a restaurant are usually well accompanied by a bottle of red wine. 

When it comes to couples that want to get coupled, most men know alcohol tends to loosen up a femme´s libido. At least that is what a man is often hoping for in his evening outing with her chosen prey.

Besides, some physicians will tell you that "wine is good for your heart"

Maybe it was. 

But today it is a whole different story. You do not have to be an expert to figure out that there is more harm than benefit in wine drinking, for nowadays European wines (red and white), for example, are loaded with pesticide residues (Table 1), according to the  European Food Safety Authority (2015):

Table 1. Pesticide residues in European wines (red and white). Source: European Food Safety Authority (2015).

Well, as far as Mediterranean people´s feeding habits go, at least this is what we have observed, especially during weekends, at the Monasterio de Piedra, a famous hotel in Aragon. 

The Monasterio de Piedra is a famous Spanish tourist spot where many couples go to on a weekend date or to get coupled at last. 

Obviously, they never miss the chance to dine at the fancy Comedor de los Reyes de Aragon in late hours of the night.

Later on, by the sounds you will be able to tell that the couples have gotten coupled indeed to do some heavy breathing, some perhaps trying to reach the Milky Way once and for all right after dining. 

If you are staying at this hotel, your hopes to get some real night rest on weekend will turned upside down, for you will be awakened by the heavy pounding and loud banging sounds on the walls of the hotel after midnight hours as the coupled couples get busy making candy, exactly where monks once engaged in prayer. 

And to put a cherry on top of this pie, you might hear some vomiting sounds or weird screeching sounds from dragging furniture on the floor, all of which invade the quite atmosphere of the place, meaning that the coupled couples have reached or at least got close to the stars riding on their own Captain Kirk´s Enterprise. 

These noises coming from the hotel cells may also indicate frustration by any member of the couple. 

Perhaps the man could not shoot his photon torpedo at all. Or maybe his manly warp drive was already hypertrophied, unable to reach light speed.

In other words, he had a dead warp drive. 

It is estimated that there are 150 million men (Meller et al., 2013) suffering from this kind of warp drive dysfunction.

It is known that a diet loaded with animals fat products and trans-fatty acids is not only linked to blood vessel clogging on a man´s heart but also those on his manly warp drive, making him vasculogenically impotent in the battle field.

Usually, at the Monasterio de Piedra´s Comedor de los Reyes de Aragon, these Spanish couples (especially the male) have dined heavily on meat (the "chuletón", a big lamb or mutton thigh) to fuel their star-loaded candy making trekking session with intentions to go beyond where they had not gone before.

As far as these folks are concerned, a protein-rich veggie dinner or an all-plant salad would not give them any power. 

Most Spanish men think that a meaty "dilithium" (a meat loaded dinner) is important to get a smooth, creamy warp drive.

The vast majority of Spaniards are hooked on meat!

But soon enough, as the years go by, they will be hooked by the consumed meat (cf. Video 1, above). 

Sooner or later, these folks end up with a mashed brain that cannot remember a damn thing.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here is a good sample (Fig. 1) of today´s so-called "Mediterranean Diet" in Spain, for instance, a diet that will poop on anyone´s warp drive:

Figure 1. Meat and more meat in the Tinglado de Tolosa (Guipuzcoa, Spain). Fuente: El Diario Vasco, December 5, 2015. Photo: Inigo Royo. 

Anyway, meat eating or animal products eating on any diet are not just a matter of warp drive. 

Remember, people are basically biological robots. They eat wrapped in memories. 

People eat what they have been programmed to eat since early childhood.

Moreover, nowadays the giant multinationals tell people exactly what to eat in such a sophisticated way that people end up thinking that they eat what they choose to eat.

Throw into this brainwashed soup some hierarchical spicing, and you will get people striving to top and topple one another.

It is no wonder that when it comes to eating animal meat, it is more a matter of symbolism than anything else. 

Since ancient times, meat eating has been a symbol of power.

And the so-called "Mediterranean Diet" is drenched in animal blood. Besides olive oil, of course.

Mon Capitaine, if you do not make the olive oil yourself and have entire control over the raw materials including the farming process to get sound and organic olives, olive oil is crap

Oui, mon ami.

Just in case you do not believe this, here is a list of the pesticide residues (Table 2) found in olive oil by the European Food Safety Authority (2014).

Table 2. Pesticide residues found in Europe´s olive oil in 2012. Source: European Food Safety Authority (2014).

So much for the damn "Mediterranean Diet".

Now you know. If you do not want to get hit by an Alzheimer´s torpedo, end up with mashed brains, to keep forgetting even your own name, stay away from a diet loaded with animal fat products (saturated fats), i.e., meat, bacon, chicken legs, hamburgers, pork chops, sausages, dairy products, etc.

Anyway, do as you please or as they let you please yourself. 

Watch what you eat because if you are not careful with what you eat, what you eat will eventually eat your meat.

You are on your own star trek on this Earth.


Allbaugh L.G. (1953). Crete: A Case Study of an Undeveloped Area. With the editorial assistance of George Soule. Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ, USA. 572 pp.

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Roegner G.C. (2015). Monastic Missional Pilgrim Communities in Liquid Modern Spain. Doctor of Ministry dissertation, George Fox University, Portland, OR, USA. 197 pp.